Preferred Partners

The following are our preferred partners. A lot of our clients ask us to recommend FX Brokers, VPS Providers, etc. So here are the top vendors that we work with.


Fusion Markets is a reputable Australian broker that offers arguably the lowest spreads around. With world class trade execution, it is the broker of choice for professional traders.  By clicking on this link, further costs will apply to this trading, an increase of 1 pip will be levied on your account while using this trading system with Fusion Markets.


There are plenty of cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server) providers out there. ¬†However, most of them host their servers in “random” datacentres around the world. FX-VM (not to be confused with FXCM) host their servers in Equinix datacentres where the majority of FX and other financial brokers also host their servers!

So the chances are that if you rent a VPS from FXVM, your server will be sitting right next to a major broker’s server! Consequently their latency figures are some of the lowest in the world. Highly recommended for any type of trading (not just for trading robots but even for discretionary/manual trading).

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